Key Opinion Leader

Shiraz's influential voice and expertise have transcended borders, making him a renowned Key Opinion Leader with a global reach. His captivating insights and ability to shape opinions have garnered him a substantial following and positioned him as a trusted source of knowledge and guidance for individuals and organizations worldwide.

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Young Dentist Academy

Dr. Shiraz Khan is the director of the only focused training academy for Young Dentists in the UK and worldwide. This is a training academy that is dedicated to improving the journey for newly qualified dentists.

Young Dentist Academy

This international dental materials company have selected Dr. Shiraz Khan to be a Key Opinion Leader for a vast number of their materials. Dr Khan travels internationally lecturing on many materials, including the revolutionary Icon Resin Infiltration: White Spot treatment.


British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


Dr. Khan is an active Full member of British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and on several committees. The BACD are an academy that are committed to excllence in Aesthetic and Ethical Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Khan is also featured on the educational calendar 2019 to lecture on novel filling techniques of the BACD.


Young Dentist Magazine

Young Dentist Magazine

Dr Khan is a part of the editorial board for the UK-based dental magazine which is published quarterly. Dr. Khan regularly contributes to the publication as well as being featured on the front cover in 2018 Summer edition.

Young Dentist Magazine
Dental Town UK Magazine

Being also a part of the editorial board, Dr Khan regularly contributes to this dental magazine with both clinical and non-clinical articles. Dr Khan was also published on the front cover of this magazine in 2018 January edition.


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